The Benefits of Build-to-Rent for Renters

Owning a home is a lifelong goal for many people. However, due to the recession and economic downfall, living in an independent house is no less than a dream. Out of all the property renting options in the market, build-to-rent communities offer tenants the most benefits while providing them with a safe, modern, and comfortable home to live in without the hassle of maintenance and taxes. Keep reading to learn the benefits of build-to-rent for renters.

1. Increased Security

Managed by a property management company, build-to-rent homes offer a high level of security that traditional rental properties lack. Build-to-rent houses have advanced security features such as surveillance cameras, on-site security personnel, and emergency entry and exit pathways. This gives tenants greater peace of mind, making them feel safer and more secure in their homes. Furthermore, because build-to-rent property managers use a screening process to find suitable tenants, you are less likely to encounter problems with troubled neighbors or face behavioral issues within the community. 

2. Wide Range of Amenities

Another benefit of living in build-to-rent homes is that they feature luxurious amenities that you would have to pay for otherwise. Build-to-rent communities are designed to provide tenants with all kinds of modern facilities that they need to live a convenient and comfortable lifestyle, such as high-speed internet, a library, fitness centers, in-ground pools, community spaces, and pet-friendly parks.

3. Low Repair Bills or Maintenance Costs

One of the greatest benefits of living in a build-to-rent home is that you don’t have to worry about repair bills or maintenance costs. Unlike traditional housing units, when you live in a build-to-rent home, the property manager or landlord takes full responsibility for all the necessary repairs and maintenance. Therefore, in case the roof starts leaking or the dishwasher stops working, all you need to do is call the landlord, and they will take care of the rest.

4. Flexibility

Unlike traditional rental properties, build-to-rent houses offer more flexibility when it comes to leasing terms. In addition to creating a strong relationship between the tenant and the landlord, it allows the renters to choose a contract that best suits their needs. Tenants also have the flexibility to downsize near the end of their lease, making it easier for people to adjust their housing needs according to their income.

5. Sense of Community

According to reports, a renter is 75% more likely to renew their housing lease if they know one person in the community and 95% if they know two. Build-to-rent communities are created to provide tenants a space where they feel like they belong. Whether the renter is a retired government official or a single mother of two, living in a build-to-rent community will allow them to interact with other residents. This will also make them feel more comfortable and connected to the people and community around them.  

The Future of Rental Living!

Compared to traditional rental properties, build-to-rent units offer numerous benefits, including affordability, flexibility, access to luxurious amenities, and high security. In the world of real estate, build-to-rent has become a popular housing option for tenants looking for a comfortable, modern, and convenient living arrangement. With build-to-rent properties, tenants no longer need to worry about property value, taxes, or the cost of upkeep. 

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