The Benefits of Build To Rent Real Estate

Build to rent is one of the newest types of real estate investing. Build to rent refers to either new construction or redeveloped buildings being built with the intention of renting the units out as income-generating properties, rather than being sold on a residential basis. Build to rent has been around for a couple decades now but it wasn’t until recently that investors have begun gravitating towards this increasingly attractive investment opportunity.

The reasons behind build to rent’s popularity is simple – it’s an increasingly popular type of real estate due its high returns and low risk. Build to rent also plays a substantial role in solving one of today’s major housing crises: affordable housing for tenants looking for rental properties .

Below are some of the benefits that you can expect from Build to Rent Real Estate Investing:

  1. Build to Rent Provides Quality Housing for Tenants at a Fraction of the Cost.
  2. Potential Tax Savings Will Save You Money in the Long Run
  3. It is PASSIVE! We handle all of the management and problems with the properties and tenants so you can sit there and collect checks.
  4. Build To Rent Provides Capital Growth Opportunities
  5. Real Estate is a Hedge Against Inflation.

One of the major benefits that Build to Rent provides is increased access to affordable housing for renters. Build to rent units are newly constructed or redeveloped buildings that are built with the intention of renting them out as income-generating properties, rather than being sold on a residential basis. These units are typically located in urban centers where the demand for rentals is high but developers have yet to meet this need. Build to rent provides ample opportunities for investors looking for an alternative investment option other than traditional home ownership. Build to Rent allows investors to generate passive income from rental properties while providing tenants with quality housing at a price they can afford.

Currently, there is a shortage in affordable housing across cities globally. The rising costs associated with buying a residential property has led many potential home owners to opt instead for renting. On the other hand, Build To Rent providers help tenants to find high quality housing within their price range by providing them with rental properties at a fraction of the cost. Build to rent addresses this issue as it provides cheaper and more accessible options for both landlords and tenants alike. For example, Manage Go , an offshoot company of real estate investment firm Blackstone Group LP.

Don’t get left behind. Start investing.

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