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How we help you with your investments?

Legacy Acquisitions provide off market cash flowing opportunities by partnering with the very best operators in emerging markets nationwide.  Employ our specialized research process to uncover the best submarkets and neighborhoods. Using our experience in hundreds of transactions, we aim to add value to the asset, then execute a sound operation and disposition strategy.

Here is what investing with
Legacy Acquisitions will look like for you


We’ll help you discover how passive real estate investing works and give you the resources you need to invest with confidence.


When we find great deals, we’ll share them with you, and if you decide to invest, we’ll guide you through our easy step by step process.


Once you invest, sit back and relax. You’re DONE! We’ll take over all the work and send you ongoing updates and cash flow.

What passive real estate investing does for you


Multifamily provides higher return than most IRA and 401K portfolios and much lower risk than stock investments.


You are able to leverage your investment to acquire high value properties.


Repositioning and value-add of property creates forced appreciation increasing your investment returns.


Property depreciation is written off against your investment profits.


Quarterly distributions paid to investors on net income.


Investments, properties are paid for by tenants resulting in equity and legacy wealth creation.

What our investors and partners say

Legacy Acquisitions have been incredible partners to work with. I experience first hand each week their focus on delivering results to their investors and partners. They truly are real estate professionals building better communities and growing investors wealth.
Wayne Courreges III
CREI Partners, LLC
“I have worked with Legacy on numerous real estate transactions over the last 15 years. Their local expertise and attention to detail has helped assure many smooth closings.”

Dave Semmer
“In our business, trust is the most important thing when considering partners. Because of this it has been a no-brainer to continually partner with Legacy Acquisitions.”

Cameron Roy
the common good fund
I've really enjoyed working with the team at legacy acquisitions. The experience behind the team is what drew me to them and their integrity to do the right thing for all team members investors, residents, employees and partners is what has continued to do multiple deals with them.
Bethany Finch
American Made Home Solutions

I’ve known Andy the Legacy Acq. Team for more than two years now. I know them to be of high integrity and honor the golden rule of treating others as they wish to be treated. I have thoroughly enjoyed building meaningful friendships and business partnerships with several members of this team.
Ellis Hammond
The Kingdom REI Founder

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